16U Gold Dobbel/Zoller


Spring/Summer 2019

All American Mizuno 2021 will play a heavy showcase schedule.  Showcases will include PGF & USA/ASA qualifiers.  This teams goal is to get the girls in front of as many colleges as possible.  The head coach does not have a daughter on the team.




 Roster:              (Team Scout Sheet)

  Caitlin Ahlbach #13 (C/3B/OF) Class of 2021 Skills Video

 Kaylee Dobbel #12 (1B/UT) Class of 2021

Kimber Johnson #11  (3B/SS/UT) Class of 2022

 Andrea Laine #4 (P/UT) Class of 2022

  Rory Littman #1  (P/2B/OF) Class of 2022

  Samantha Mansfield #31 (2B/3B/OF) Class of 2020 Skills Video

Ezra Neely #?? (C/UT) Class of 2022

  Jasmine Ogburn #5  (SS/OF) Class of 2021

  Savanna Ogburn #10 (2B/OF) Class of 2021

  Amelia Salinas#?? (C/OF) Class of 2022

 Amaya Sutton #17  (P/1B) Class of 2021

Cassidy Watson #15  (OF/UT) Class of 2021

  Kali Zoller #56  (P/1B) Class of 2021

 Jordan Zuniga #?? ⇔ (OF/UT) ⇔ Class of 2021

Contact Information

Jimmy Self Head Coach cjself@comcast.net 916-833-1212

Robin DobbelCoach robindobbel@comcast.net  916-505-9199

Casey ZollerCoach   c.zoller@comcast.net   916-628-9053

Clint Mansfield  Coach 916-687-1912


Fall 2018 Tournament Schedule

Sept. 8-9thAll American Mizuno Showcase, West Sacramento

Sept. 29-30th: 1st to 3rd “Bash for Cash”, Stockton, CA

Oct. 6-7th: Phil Mumma Memorial, Lincoln, CA

Oct. 13-14th: “Surf City” October Showcase, Huntington Beach, CA

Oct. 20-21st: Bay Area Showcase, Twin Creeks Sports Complex, Sunnyvale CA

Nov. 2-4th: Surf City Tourney’s, Las Vegas recruiting event, Las Vegas, NV

Nov.17-18th: USA Softball Superior College Showcase, Lincoln, CA