All-American Mizuno 

18U Bautista

Tournament Schedule:

January 12 – 15, USA Preps, Best of the Best, Vegas

High School Break

May 25 – 27, All American Mizuno Showcase, Folsom

June 8 – 10, PGF Qualifier, Sacramento

June 15 – 17, USA Softball, Metros

June 22 – 24, PGF Qualifier, Portland

July 10 – 15, Champions Cup, Irvine


Head Coach
Damian Bautista
(530) 362-0608

Alex Dominguez

Marcus Knutson

“Success is peace of mind, which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you did your best to become the best you are capable of becoming.” ~ Coach John Wooden

Our Team is always prepared to make room for highly motivated and dedicated Student Athletes.  Please feel free to contact us at any time to find out more about our highly successful College Prep Organization and our Team!



Our mission is to teach our Athletes the skills and habits needed to propel her Softball Career, and lay the foundation to prepare them to play at the highest level possible, to and through College Athletics.  We value sound understanding and execution of Softball Fundamentals, along with dedicated Athletic Training.  We strive to prepare your Athlete for the game of Softball and the Game of Life. Pride, Commitment, Dedication, Work Ethic, Teamwork, and Character are lessons your Athlete will take from the softball field, and will serve her long after her last at bat.


“Softball……It’s not just a game, but a way of life. Getting up at the crack of dawn, driving long hours for tourney’s, being an example that “dirt don’t hurt”, cheering on teammates till your voice goes hoarse and then cheering some more, trusting and depending on teammates, giving 110% every time you step onto the field. The amazing feeling when you get a hit or make a great play, the smell of freshly cut grass, even the cuts and bruises are worth it. I play because I love living the softball life” – Lindsey Fenton

2017 Fall/Summer Roster:

Class of 2018

Bautista_Abby Bautista_Gordon Bautista_Malloy Bautista_Shay

Abby Burkholder #72

P / 1B

Tyesen Gordon #7

OF / 3B / 1B

Kylie Molloy #22

OF / 3B / 1B

Shay Shropshire #24

P / 1B

Class of 2019

Bautista_Rylee Bautista_Kemis

Rylee Bautista #11

SS / 2B / OF / P

Taylor Kemis #12

OF / SS / 2B

 Gracie Balance #29


 Natalie Paramo #42


Class of 2020

Bautista_HDominguez Bautista_ODominguez Bautista_AJ Bautista_Lewis_2

Hannah Dominguez #10

SS / 2B

Olivia Dominguez #8

1B / OF

AJ Hinds #25

OF / 1B

Justice Lewis #9

C / 3B


Nicole Saravia #14

3B / C /OF





Class of 2022




Ava Cervantes #16




Summer 2017